How Igloo works

Igloo is a humanitarian and philanthropic browser extension, social platform, search engine and app that pays you and your friends for everything you do online.

And—we pay you without selling your data. We are fully committed to protecting user privacy; we don’t sell your data to advertisers, track the websites you visit and your searches are encrypted—and, if you’re using our search engine, we're carbon free!

You earn money by surfing the web, viewing ads or using our exclusive Cashback codes. You can use your ‘Igloo Income’ to support the cause you believe in and can even create an Igloo to fundraise for your own cause!

Igloo is inherently socially conscious, community-based and was founded on the belief that business and technology can be a force for good.

Surf the Web. Save the World. Igloo.

Join an Igloo of your cause

Download the extension or app & register with the link you got.

Shop, Search & Use Apps

Raise money for your cause every time you open a new browser tab, use the app and get a a share of our sales commissions as cashback.

Make an impact

You can save the money for later use or donate it to your favorite cause. Igloo give you the freedom to fundraise for the people and causes you care about.